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The Aging Process

Imagine aging gracefully, the way you pictured, without the threat of age-related diseases and disabilities such as minor aches, cataracts, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, Cancer and more. Or better yet, imagine never having to sit by and watch as your loved ones suffer from such conditions. Regenerative biotechnolgies seek to identify the latest and most effective cell renewal studies towards the prevention and reversing of the negative effects of aging without the use of medications, so interested individuals can age gracefully, the way they intended.

The Aging Process

aging It is a well-known fact that many Americans are living longer, but not without their share of age related whoas, making what should be a gift, more of a point in life that most people dread.

Our bodies are governed by intricate development programs that build our growing bodies, laying the molecular and cellular groundwork as spelled out by our genetic code. During the first two or three decades of life, these programs function at peak performance until beginning in about our forties and fifties, the accumulation of damage in our tissues begin to take its toll.

As each system begins to decline, tissues become more susceptible to time related ailments. The cushioning of our joints become thinner and weaker, our immune system weakens, and we may experience minor aches etc. In short, at this point, many tissues can become susceptible to various disorders.

Our tissues experience some type of damage every day, but at such minor levels that it can take many decades to realize the degradation of the integrity of cells and molecular parts. As the process continues, the body makes desperate attempts to compensate and repair the growing damage, which often results in inflammation, infections and other conditions. In addition, our cells are occasionally forced to make resolutions in response to crisis that contribute to short-term survival and further the overall strain of our tissues.

Regenerative medicine seeks to repair, replace, remove or render harmless the molecular and cellular damage that has accumulated in our tissues that have occurred as a result of time. By rebuilding the living makeup of our tissues, these rejuvenation treatments will restore the
original function of the body’s cells and main bio-molecules, thereby reversing the effects of aging and reviving quality of life in the individual.

laboratory researchThe SENS Research Foundation

The SENS Research Foundation is a core regenerative research outreach organization. It is their belief that age-related disease does not have to factor into life. Their research efforts involve the application of regenerative medicine to time related issues with the purpose of repairing underlying damage to the body’s tissues molecules and cells. This is a non-profit organization supported by famous philanthropists. In 2010, Jason Hope donated half a million dollars to help the foundation develop its projects in the field of rejuvenation biotechnologies.